1 Realtor in 108 Floridians

WOW! There is a Realtor for every 108 Floridians!
That means every active adult knows at least 5 practicing Realtors and there are plenty more competing for your attention!

Here is HOW to pick the best one:

1. Time – ask if they have been full time for all years licensed (prove their professionalism)
2. Personal Experience – ask if they own their own home and other properties (put their money where their mouth is)
3. Sales History – ask how many houses per year they have sold and average List Price vs Sale Price (proven success)
4. Marketing – ask for their Marketing Plan for YOUR property (plan to succeed)
5. Recognition – check their Social Media for meaningful interactions (active in local community)

Hiring your friend’s cousin who sells part-time and got their license 3 months ago MAY cost you $1,000’s, even in this fast-paced market!

BE CAREFUL who you entrust your biggest asset with!